About us

BONDTECH CORPORATION is a full service company designing, engineering and manufacturing autoclave systems, with material handling, for technical industries such as infectious medical waste treatment, aerospace composites, glass lamination, rubber vulcanizing, wood treating, yarn setting and many other applications.

BONDTECHAUTOCLAVES FEATURES ADVANTAGES Custom Design for independent customer needs: * Commercial Operations * On-Site Operations * Mobile Operations Bondtech's autoclaves are designed to meet each individual customer's application and budget. Consulting services are available. Industries: * Aerospace composite bonding * Rubber & Plastic * Glass * Wood * Cement * Medical; USDA waste & sterilization * Textile Industry * Food Bondtech's experience in various industries allows for a higher knowledge of customer's technical requirements. The reliability and dependability which is a must in the aerospace industry is a must in all of Bondtech's autoclaves.


Bondtech is the leader in the autoclave industry. We can provide autoclaves for many industries including: Bonding, Laminating, Wood Treating, Vacuum Impregnation, Curing, Sterilizing, Vulcanizing, Yarn Setting.///Bondtech engineers have provided solutions to a wide variety of hazardous waste destruction problems; including PCB Contaminated Materials, Radio-active Waste, Chemical Weapons and Medical Waste./// Get the bag you want when you want it! Bondtech is your choice manufacturer of redbag and other poly bags. Our facility allows Bondtech to create the bag of your choice. We can provide custom size, color, thickness, or print you may need. ///Bondtech offers a comprehensive product line for institutional waste handling.


Corporate Headquarters
2400 N. Hwy. 27
Somerset, Ky 42503
Tel: 1-800-414-4231 or (606) 677-2616
Fax: (606) 676-9157
Email: Elsa Brown - elsabrown@bondtech.net

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